Simon armitage

Among many other reasons, it is partly this anonymity that has made the poem so attractive to latter-day translators. He has lectured on creative writing at the University of Leedsthe University of Iowaand was senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University.

I know this from a Malbec wine label gummed inside the first page of my notebook. This is a remarkably simple poem, spoken by a homeless person sleeping in a doorway and asking for some compassion from a stranger. The handsome head tumbles onto the earth and the king's men kick it as it clatters past.

Now grasp that gruesome axe and show your striking style. What follows is a test of courage and a test of his heart, and during the ensuing episodes, which span an entire calendar year, Gawain must steel himself against fear and temptation.

I needn't have worried; McKellen, wizard that he is, northerner that he is, simply read the poem in what seemed like a single breath. His suit alleged he was excluded from a secret meetings of the microscopy committee. Some researchers claim to have identified Swythamley Grange as the Castle of Hautdesert, or the jagged peaks of The Roaches as those "ruze knockled knarrez with knorned stonez".

So within the strictures and confines of this very formal piece we detect a human presence, the Gawain poet, a disciplined craftsman who also liked to run risks and take liberties. From a little paper bag I pull out six or seven postcards.

The poem then lay dormant for over years, not coming to light until Queen Victoria was on the throne, thus leapfrogging the attentions of some of our greatest writers and critics.

I always intended this to be a translation not only for the eye, but for the ear and the voice as well, and that ambition was tested to the full when Ian McKellen recorded the poem for BBC Radio 4. What does a life amount to. I've had many doubts while working on Gawain, wondering if I had the stamina, the aptitude, or even the right to be fiddling around with this ancient text.

The poem is also a ghost story, a thriller, a romance, an adventure story and a morality tale. Armitage lets this details speak for themselves, ripe with suggestive associations and tragic undertones. In other words, the ambition has been poetry.

Steffon Armitage

The case of Armitage is the latest to show the mounting hostility Christians face in academics and other public arenas. Here, the speaker of the poem is remembering a school exercise that involved him and another boy who had to walk further away and keep shouting, until he was out of earshot.

The farmer told me he'd had bison here as well, and other creatures of the prairies and steppes. On the side of order, we have the repetition of sounds, the very particular number of verses, and the rhyme and rhythm of the "bob and wheel" sections. But as full and frank as these passages are, I figured that only by seeing the real thing would I get a true sense of what was actually taking place.

In his kitchen, we sat down for a cup of tea among the mounted heads of many a horned beast. A couple of minutes later the farmer comes skidding around the corner with his gun on his shoulder and a small, dead deer lolling over the back end of his quad bike.

Infor services to poetry, Armitage was awarded the CBE. No portion of the animal seems to escape the hunter's knife or the poet's eye, with some of the more grisly portions being guzzled by the dogs or tossed into the woods for the crows.

Simon Armitage

He has lectured on creative writing at the University of Leedsthe University of Iowaand was senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is something in the likeness of ourselves, and he is not purple or orange or blue with yellow stripes.

Gawain grips the axe and heaves it heavenwards, plants his left foot firmly on the floor in front, then swings it swiftly towards the bare skin. The linguistic epicentre of the poem has been located in the area of the Cheshire-Staffordshire-Derbyshire border. Then he settles himself in his seat with the ease of a man unmarked, never mind being minus his head.

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At this stage, the best course of action would be to say something like, "My name is Simon ArmitageI'm a published poet, and I've been commissioned to translate the poem.

Or if I keep quiet you might cope much better, loafing and lounging here, looking no further. Throughout his career, Armitage has also continued to work with smaller and specialised poetry presses. All I know is that, within about a week, the idea had gone from a fanciful notion to a superstitious and preposterous conviction that I was put on the planet for no other reason than to translate this poem.

The lady was right. To a contemporary poet, one interested in narrative and form, and to a northerner who not only recognises plenty of the poem's dialect but detects an echo of his own speech rhythms within the original, the urge to blow a little warm breath across that layer of frosting eventually proved irresistible.

And when he wheeled about his bloody neck still bled. What other permission is needed. You can buy them downstairs in the gift shop. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (A New Verse Translation) [Simon Armitage] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Compulsively readable. Simon Armitage has given us an energetic, free-flowing, high-spirited version. ―Edward Hirsch. The Stanza Stones Project, Stanza Stones is a collaboration between imove, Ilkley Literature Festival, Simon Armitage and Pennine Prospects. Revise and learn about Simon Armitage's poem, Remains with BBC Bitesize GCSE English Literature poetry resources.

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Simon armitage
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